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I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and was always involved in one form of art or another starting at an early age up through high school; from performing arts, to music, to visual arts. I went on, however, to choose a career in drafting; receiving a certificate from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I now reside in Sylvan Lake.

I got "lost" I guess you could say, in my career and family for many years but was lucky enough to find my way back to my creative self in 2012 after taking a couple of classes at Red Deer College Series Summer Art School. From there I continued with classes for four more years where I developed many skills from instruction and experimentation of different techniques. I grew passionate about the experimental aspect of painting!

I love to paint abstractly due to it's somewhat unstructured and ambiguous nature, which is a pleasant shift from drafting, where strict organization and precision are required.

My inspiration is most often process-driven rather than from actual events, scenes, or objects. I love to just turn up the music and explore the possibilities!


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