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I create non-objective mixed media paintings mostly on wood panels. I started moving away from canvas after learning that my favourite techniques are far too rough for it. Every now and then I enjoy abstract florals as well. I make my paintings with water-based materials but also use wax or oil-based crayons for final layers. With my growing interest in collage, hand painted and manufactured papers are often added as well.


I make art partially because I love to just have fun with the supplies. I turn up the music and explore what could happen - watching the marks transform as I interact with them. 


Each painting starts without an ending in mind. Using unusual tools, I build up and remove layer upon layer of paint. I prefer to work on wood because it can take the physical stresses I apply. Scraping, gouging, or sanding through layers are my favourite techniques. An exciting history of colours, differences, and interesting textures are revealed. Keeping design in mind, the artworks emerge to be appealing, emotional pieces.


There is a certain pleasure I get when I look at a successfully completed painting, it’s almost indescribable. It’s exciting... yet peaceful. A feeling that, if even just for a moment, everything is right with the world.


I want to share that with others and stir positive emotions in those that view it.


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