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Registration for CVP 2021 is open now ~ for a limited time!
Before I discovered Nick and his team at art to life I didn’t make it into the studio as much as I would’ve liked. I loved painting but I was frustrated with my ability to actually finish them to a standard I was happy with. And because it seemed like it was hit and miss, I procrastinated. But having instruction from Nick changed all that. I’m in the studio just about every day now (and loving it!) and I’m finishing paintings that I adore on a regular basis. My art career has stepped up another notch with my acceptance into the Federation of Canadian Artists and I’m exhibiting in their gallery in  Vancouver. The tools Nick gave me have been instrumental in allowing this to happen.
I’m telling you all this because I want to introduce you to him and his team, and to give you the opportunity to kickstart your art like I did mine! The Creative Visionary Program is an intensive 12 week course packed with valuable information in the form of principals that apply to ALL FORMS OF ART whether it be abstract or realistic painting, drawing or sculpting, and everything in between! If you want to fast track your art into strong work that showcases your “voice”, this course is a must!
This opportunity only happens ONCE A YEAR so register soon and join this amazing community of artists in finding your voice and making stronger art.

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